Tech Class Uses Current Events and University Resources in Assignment

Infographic 3
An infographic created by a student in the Technology in Advertising and Public Relations course.

Students in the “Technology in Advertising and Public Relations” (CAP 105) course have to do a variety of assignments putting to use the communication technology skills they learn.

Adjunct Professor Kylie Torres decided to center an infographic assignment around a current event and using existing campus resources.

“In light of current events revolving around the #MeToo movement and Larry Nasser case, one of the many emails I receive from the university highlighted itself among the crowd,” Torres said. “P.E.P. Talks are a free university resource where two, highly trained and engaging, students come into your classroom and discuss sexual assault prevention.”

She had the P.E.P. talk students come to class the day she was going to go teach about infographics. She did an intro on the subject first, and then told students to listen to the P.E.P. talk presentation as if they were a client.

Torres said this approach kept the students engaged, taking notes, and even some students took photos during the presentation. She ended up with 10 infographics on the subject. She said the best part was being able to give the Center for Women and Gender Equity the infographics created in class for them to use on their social media pages. She also encouraged students to use this as an opportunity to add links to the postings on their LinkedIn profiles to show that they created usable content.

“This assignment concept could be applied to many different scenarios and guest speaker opportunities, or even a lengthy NPR episode,” Torres said. This is something I will incorporate in my classes to come.”


Professor Spring Publishes Module on Team-Based Learning

Robin Spring, Assistant Professor of Advertising and Public Relations, has published a module about team-based learning on  College Star  a web site with resources to help retain and encourage students with different learning styles.

Spring’s module, “15 Steps to Group Learning Success,”  was first presented as a GIFT (Great Ideas for Teaching) presentation at an Association for Educators in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC) conference.

“My presentation uses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) principles,” Spring said. “These UDL web modules are accessible for any instructor across the nation (or universe) to use for ideas and inspiration.   Hopefully, others will find these modules helpful.”