#StandOutInPR with a Certificate in Principles of Public Relations


By: Sarah Pontbriand

Why earn a Certificate in Principles of Public Relations?

Setting yourself apart from the rest of the career-driven people in your field is important when on the hunt for a job. There is a lot of competition out there, and in the Public Relations field, making sure that you stand out amongst your colleagues is a must. Earning a Certificate in Principles of Public Relations is a great opportunity to build up your resume as a student approaching graduation as well as graduate with an advantage as you venture into your profession.

What exactly is the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations?

The Certificate’s purpose is to help students gain a head start in their individual professional development and differ from their peers. The Certificate tests students’ understanding in the following fundamental concepts: communication models and theories, business literacy, ethics and law, and program research, planning, implementation, and evaluation.

How do you earn the Certificate?

The required preparation course before taking the Certificate Examination used to be only an in-person course, but the UAB and PRSA Educators Academy have recently launched an online study course option that provides an alternative and perhaps more convenient way for students and faculty. The process of earning the Certificate involves four steps:

  1. Complete the application for the Certificate.
  2. Confirm eligibility with a faculty advisor at your university. A student must be within 6 months of (before or after) graduating in order to be eligible for the Certificate.
  3. Complete the Certificate preparatory course or the Principles of Public Relations Online Study Course.
  4. Study for and take the computer-based examination for the Certificate.

GVSU APR students:

If you earn the Certificate in Principles of Public Relations, let the GVSU APR Program know! It is a big deal to set yourself apart from the competition and it is an accomplishment that should and will be recognized as you enter your career field and #StandOutInPR.

For additional resources and more information about the Certificate, visit http://www.prcertificate.org