After four hours of driving, faulty hotel reservations, and almost losing our luggage, GVSU PRSSA has made it to Indianapolis! Friday morning marked the unofficial start of “Crossroads of Public Relations,” the 2016 PRSSA National Conference. 

The first session of the weekend was a student-run firm workshop, where I had the opportunity to sit on a conference panel and share my experiences thus far as Chief Executive Officer of GrandPR.  Each of the three panelists were able to speak about the structure of their firms and their current successes and challenges.

Katie Ronzio, Executive Director of Cardinal Communications, has a staff of about 75 students and Ellie Breslin, Firm Director of Hill Communications, has a staff of about 50, while GrandPR has a staff of 25. Each of our firms have campus departments, local businesses and nonprofits as clients; the larger firms have some regional and nablue backdrop with panel members speaking at row of black tablestional clients as well. 

With over 150 students in attendance, the backgrounds of each panelist differed greatly to appeal to all the different levels of the audience members. From not having a firm, to not yet nationally affiliated, to developed firms, the panelists spoke about concepts that would benefit everyone in the room.


  • There are many different organizational structures that student-run firms can have. It’s important to find one that works for your chapter.
  • Speaking in front of a large group of pre-professionals is intimidating, but it becomes easy when you are passionate about the topic.
  • PRSSA members are amazing. I’ve never met a more dedicated group of students who are all spending their weekend building themselves personally and professionally.

This is only the start to an amazing experience. Follow along with our live blogging series this weekend (over on the GVPRSSA blog) and use #PRSSANC on social to join the conversation!

CEO Pro ShotJaclyn Ermoyan | Chief Executive Officer of GrandPR

Jaclyn Ermoyan is a senior majoring in advertising and public relations and minoring in nonprofit administration and international relations. An experienced member of the GrandPR team, Jaclyn spent her summer working at the GVSU University Development office and in University Communications. Jaclyn can often be found Snapchatting, posting about her love for Grand Valley, or making to-do lists. An avid learner, Jaclyn is always looking to expand her knowledge and apply it in new ways. She loves to innovate, create and problem solve.




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