Alumna Mabin Does PR for Media Organization


Mabin GRBJ
Madison Mabin in her office at Gemini Publications.

Madison Mabin, a 2013 graduate, knew when she was an Advertising and Public Relations student that she would one day be working with the media. She just did not anticipate she would be working for the media.

Mabin works for Gemini Publications, the publisher of  Grand Rapids Magazine and the Grand Rapids Business Journal, among other publications. She handles social media for Gemini and its various publications. She also manages the local publisher’s special events, including “40 Under 40” and “Newsmakers of the Year” annual receptions. Another aspect of her job is to manage trade agreements between the publisher and various businesses and organizations.

Three years past graduation, and in her second career job, Mabin still values the education at GVSU that set her up for success.

“Classes were hard but prepared me,” she said. “I took it seriously and worked hard. I showed work I had done in various class assignments in job interviews, and that got me hired.”

The hard work in school paid off. After making the move to Gemini for more responsibility, she was told  more than 400 applied for the job she now has.

She has already noted with excitement success in her current job. Recent events she managed and promoted sold out and had record record attendance. To do this, she creatively integrated social media with event planning and promotion. For example, she had award nominees share photos and a haiku and posted those in a series to promote the event and generate interest. Of course, attendees shared the posts about themselves in a true social fashion.

Mabin encourages current students to work hard and take advantage of opportunities both in and out of class. The tough standards in class assignments help her handle the demands of her job now.

“Social media sounds fun and it is for two weeks but then you have to be creative and come up with new ideas constantly,” she said.

A hint to current students reading this: Mabin takes interns and is interested in upper class students who have had necessary course work to help her handle the demands of social media and event management.