Degree enhancer – Salary booster

Degree enhancer – Salary booster

How would you like a salary of $50,000-$75,000 when you graduate? That’s the average starting salary of Grand Valley grads who complete The ERP Program. If you’re a junior or super soph in the School of Communications, enhance your communications degree and really kick-start your career and salary.

“I was surprised by the number of companies that said some of the most valuable skills for careers in technology are the ability to communicate with people inside and outside of the company, work in teams and solve problems,”  Kajal M., GVSU 2015 Grad.

The ERP Program is a School of Communications and Seidman College of Business fast track curriculum bundling communication skills and business/technology skills into one powerful program.

There will be a Career seminar/Info session on Monday, Feb. 22, in LSH 174 starting at 5PM. Learn the list of businesses looking to hire GVSU grads from this program. Please RSVP to




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