Diversity in APR: Celebrating Black History Month

Diversity in APR

As many of us know February is Black History month. There are multiple ways to celebrate now that it is not just Black History; it is everyone’s history. It is a time in our countries past where people within a community came together and became equals. It goes beyond the culture, color and gender; diversity is everything that makes people different from each other.

To understand diversity within the Public Relations field, it can be helpful to experience and work within a varied area. To fully understand others is a powerful knowledge because this helps when working with clients, co-workers and other people within the community; there is a lot of diversity in those arenas alone. Diversity is important because it plays in our everyday lives and is not always an easy topic to talk about.

The JA PR Group firm believes in diversity. It is all around us in the Greater Grand Rapids area and the firm believes that the Legacy Ball showcases the community coming together to celebrate history with everyone.

The Grand Rapids Legacy Ball is recognition of National Black History Month, and all are invited to join for a unique experience that promises to leave you enlightened, enriched, and joyfully connected. The event takes place at the JW Marriott on Friday February 26, 2016. The highlights include community awards celebrating the City of Grand Rapids Diversity and Inclusion Office, along with a fundraiser for student scholarships.

This event is not only a great way to celebrate Black History Month but also to network and give back to the community. Events like this allow people from all walks of life to come together as one and unite as a city to celebrate something important to everyone. The mayor will be in attendance to take part in the festivities and enjoy the great cultural melting pot that is Grand Rapids. The Legacy Ball doesn’t stop with Grand Rapids, it also visits Kalamazoo and for the first year ever, Detroit. The Kalamazoo Ball will take place on February 20th at the Radisson Palaza Hotel and the Detroit Ball will take place on February 12th at the Roostertail. These three truly diverse cities with numerous ethnic groups are cultivating as one through one awesome event.

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Post By: Sophie Klimkiewicz

Sophie Klimkiewicz is going on her second year as an Account Associate at GrandPR. She is currently a senior with an Advertising and Public Relation major and an emphasis on Advertising. Sophie has background knowledge in Public Relations from working on campus at the Career Center and Sports Marketing Department. She enjoys seeking opportunities within her major and conquers the challenges that life throws at her. Sophie values learning and challenging herself to be successful.

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