Marketing Vs. Ad/PR Is There A Need For Division?

Marketing Vs. Ad-PR Is There A Need For Division-

Previous blogs and many other sources and writers have defined what public relations, advertising, and marketing degrees and job fields entail. Yes they have different names, and some classes differ, but when it comes down to the real world job application processes, do we all want the same things? It isn’t fair to say that people who go into these different fields will be the same kind of person with the same kind of brain, but to say they don’t cross over and work together is a lie. I think the difference in job skills is not as big as it seems to be.

As Grand Valley State University has these programs set up, Marketing is part of the Seidman School of Business, whereas Adverting and Public Relations falls under the School of Communication. Often times Marketing is associated with taking more economics classes and Ad/PR take more communication classes. But when it boils down, what are employers really looking for? Someone who can recall the economic formulas, or someone who can remember Communication theories? After being in both the American Marketing Association (AMA) or GV’s chapter of the Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) I’ve seen many speakers come in and tell us the tips to getting a job and succeeding in interviews from both sides. Not surprisingly, both sides have said very similar if not identical things. No one said the classes you take like Marketing 350, will get a job, but rather going out, networking, finding mentors, and being yourself are your best bets.

This idea held but many that Marketing students greatly differ from Ad/PR students is not allowing for a great connection to be made. If these majors came together more, there could be an unstoppable force going out together into the scary and ever-looming real world. They are not the same, otherwise there would be no need for the separation, but there can be more recognition about the teamwork these two majors will need in the world force. The classes often touch of different subjects and don’t create overlap, but success is about who you know, and by increasing Marketing networks with Ad/PR networks, the possibilities are endless.


Post by: Kelly Darcy

Kelly Darcy
She is a Junior Ad/Pr major with her emphasis on Advertising, her minor is Women Gender Sexuality Studies, and is the new Chair of Mixers for PRSSA. She’s the Media Manager/Director of Engagement for The Yardsticks Competition and has been coordinating Indian Weddings for UTSAV Planners for the past five years. She’s been writing blog posts for the Grand Valley State University’s Feminist Voice online blog, and is an active personal blogger. “Never make decisions when you’re angry, never make promises when you’re happy” –unknown


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