Social Media Lessons About Black Friday

Social Media Lessons (1)

“The early bird gets the worm”… or the Black Friday deals.

Each year, it seems that the time to go Black Friday shopping is getting earlier, the sales are getting bigger, and the social media campaigns are exceeding previous years. Companies like REI have decided to #OptOutside of Black Friday this year, in hopes to bring the focus of their company, the outdoors, and their customers, back to the true spirit of the Thanksgiving season.

Here are a few social media lessons we can take away from this Black Friday season:

Think ‘Outside’ the Box: Being an early adapter to trends not only propels your social reach, but also tells followers that your brand is innovative and not afraid to take risks. An average Black Friday shopper sees approximately 5,000 advertisements daily regarding sales and brands and it’s important for your brand to be seen through that mix. REI has used empathy as a major aspect of their campaign, created 10x more conversation than any other brand, as well as spark a 6,557% increase in their social media mentions. In REI’s terms, they thought outside the box, and now want you to actually go outside.

Have a Plan: Just like the Black Friday shoppers who set their alarms for the wee hours of the morning, bundle up to brave the cold with cash in hand, and wait in horrendously long lines to get the deals; brands need to have a plan of action. You need to know your objectives when targeting your audience. Whether your business is hoping to acquire new customers, or keep the loyal ones, you need to know exactly who is in your target market, and what sort of deals (or brand engagement) they are looking to attain this season.

Take a Step Back: Once you’ve created and implemented your Black Friday plan, it’s time to take a step back, add up the receipts, or mentions, and think: “What went well? What went wrong? What can we improve for next Black Friday season?”. The answers to these questions will help your brand or company craft another Black Friday campaign for the next year, and give your consumers the best deal… impact.

The best deal of the season in my opinion? The use of social media.


“Lauren is a senior studying Advertising and Public Relations, emphasizing in Public Relations, at Grand Valley State University. She plans to graduate in April 2016 and would love to travel and utilize her minor in Spanish. In Lauren’s spare time, you can find her polishing her Pinterest boards, enjoying anything peanut butter, watching Lifetime movies, or enjoying everything that West Michigan has to offer.”



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