The Importance of Research in APR

The Importance of Research in APR

Whether it be researching for a paper, group project, or even a job, research is and important and necessary feature of the advertising and public relations (APR) industry. In a business setting it is especially important to do quality research. That is important becuase good research is where every great idea comes from. Without research, a company wouldn’t know important information regarding to their audiences, consumers, and service providers.

In the terms of the APR field, without research an organization doesn’t know what problem they are looking to solve or what product their clients need. From the many classes that I have taken and my work experience with campaigns and plans books, research is the first step of the process. Research allows you to strategize before diving head-first into a project. Good research allows an APR practitioner to come up with tactics and strategies that will best serve their campaign.  Research also helps give insights about the pros and cons of the task you have taken on.

Sometimes the research process can seem timely and frustrating, however it results in a better overall outcome in the long run. Some tips to keep in mind when doing research for APR are:

  1. Keep an open-mind. When researching keep an open-mind to any information that could be important. It might be exciting to jump right into the tactics and strategies, but information that might be over-looked in research could be the one thing where the big idea comes from for the most successful tactic.
  2. Use the resources that are provided. At Grand Valley there are multiple resources online and in person that could help with the research process. Being able to use the recourses could lead to the big idea and will make the rest of the process easier.

Being able to understand and have the skill set to research effectively can help with future tasks, projects, and jobs. Having the skill to research can also be a key talking point in the job and during the interview process so it is a skill worth developing.


Post by: Sophie Klimkiewicz

Sophie Klimkiewicz is going on her second year as an Account Associate at GrandPR. She is currently a senior with an Advertising and Public Relation major and an emphasis on Advertising. Sophie has background knowledge in Public Relations from working on campus at the Career Center and Sports Marketing Department. She enjoys seeking opportunities within her major and conquers the challenges that life throws at her. Sophie values learning and challenging herself to be successful.

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